The March of the Old Gods

Weekly Party Accounting

9/18 Many valuable items were discovered. Such items include but are not limited to the following list: white fist sized pearl, bronze crown, gold ring, gilded cage. Additionally, the party acquired two caches of coin which were stored in the Bag of Holding to be counted and tallied upon a later date. 

9/25 While visiting the city of Corvos, the party sold five treasure items which were procured from the Temple of Hexdor, however Thokas decided to retain the bronze crown. The sum valued 1,100 gold pieces and we split the money three ways due to Thokas's choice.

  • Each party member, except Thokas, received 366 gold pieces

9/25 After visiting the Grand Temple in Amerith, the party split its hard earned coin which was being stored in the Bag of Holding.

  • Each party member received the following:

    • 32 platinum pieces
    • 592 gold pieces
    • 1807 silver pieces
    • 275 coper pieces

9/25 Inside the stinky cave, about three days away from Kirkwall, a large cache of coin was found within an old disheveled cart. The sum was counted (50 platinum pieces, 2800 gold pieces, 7000 silver pieces, and 500 copper pieces) and stored in the Bag of Holding to be split amongst the party at a later date.





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