Amarith, also known as the White City, is the oldest human settlement in the realm, and also the largest and most heavily fortified. Amarith is also the seat of the monarch of the Kingdom of Amarith. The current king is King Otho Ravenswood, who succeeded his father, King Orris Ravenswood, after he fell during the Battle of Morloc Hill 15 years ago.

Amarith is a circular 3-tiered city, with the markets, shops, guild, inns, and other establishments located on the bottommost 3rd tier. The 2nd tier is residential, with the richer families located closest to the wall, and the poorest families located in the center of the district. The city’s defensive siege emplacements are also located on the 2nd tier The topmost 1st tier is home to the Amarith royal palace.

Amarith is the only human city that can boast of never having been breached by invaders over the course of its long and bloody history. Amarith has weathered many a siege, but due to its oathbound defenders, and the occasional help of the Plainsmen, Amarith has stood tall against everything ranging from the Orc tribes of the region, to ancient dragons breathing fire in the sky.

Amarith’s close proximity to the Lannoch river has encouraged trade and diplomatic relations between Corvos, Thorfaldür, and Alyanthyr, and Amarith has always supplied Corvos and the Elves with horses in exchange for Corvani wines and olives and Elvish fabrics, works of art, and minor magical items. The Dwarves have little need for horses, so Amarith trades foodstuffs and war supplies in exchange for Dwarven metalwork and Dwarvish weapons and armor.


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