The saying goes that “all roads lead to Corvos”. While the phrase may be a bit of an exaggeration, it was not coined without reason. With several canals flowing directly through the center of the city and flowing into the ocean, Corvos sees all walks of life, from all corners of the realm, from the master dwarven blacksmith peddling exquisite metalworks in the market district, to a halfling posing as a human child picking the pockets of a visiting elven dignitary. Barges hailing from Amarith, Alyanthyr, and Thorfaldür are regularly seen floating down canals to offload or auction goods off in the waterfront district.

Corvos was founded roughly 500-600 years ago, shortly after the Last Great Dragon Purge, due to it’s easily defended location, natural port, and due to the fact that a fort was already built upon a large hill. The fort was officially named Fort Corvos, with the city being named after it. Now, Corvos is usually the final destination for most traders travelling along the coasts, as it is easy to find a buyer for nearly any product one could imagine, and nearly as easy to find a seller for any product.

Corvos is ruled by a Lord Mayor and the ruling council of Corvos. The current Lord Mayor of Corvos is Lord Mayor Edward Murlace, who has been acting Lord Mayor for nearly a decade. Under his rule, he has enacted several policies favoring open trade with the other nations of the realm, and Corvos has in turn prospered.

Corvos is made up of several districts: the Fort district, the Market district, the Arena, the Lords district, the Temple district, the Estates district, the Merchants district, the Waterfront, and the Adventurer’s Quarter.

The Fort District: Home to Fort Corvos, the guard barracks, training fields for the Corvani Military, and the Corvani Armory.

The Market District: Home to the grand marketplace, and many craftsmen’s guilds and artisan’s workshops, as well as the middle class of Corvos.

The Arena: Home to the Corvani Arena, and many smaller stadiums and fields.

The Lord’s District: Home to the Corvani ruling council (though most choose to reside in their own estates) and many of the Government buildings of Corvos.

The Temple District: Home to the many temples and churches of Corvos, in addition to the city’s cemeteries.

The Estates District: Home to the estates of the noble houses of Corvos.

The Merchant’s District: Home to the Upper middle class and moderately wealthy residents of Corvos.

The Waterfront: Located on the shores of the sea, and home to the Corvani docks, in addition to the poorer residents of Corvos.

The Adventurer’s Quarter: Home to many inns and taverns, adventuring guilds, and other services that adventurers are generally drawn to. Most travellers reside in this district.


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