Falhorns Hollow

Falhorn’s Hollow is the home of the Halflings and Gnomes of the realm. Falhorn’s Hollow is located on the shores of the Emerald Lake, which provides the Halflings with food and drinking water. Falhorn’s Hollow is governed by an elected mayor, who is currently a halfling named Erlos Flamebranch, who has been mayor for 2 years.

The town of Falhorn’s Hollow is named for a halfling folk hero named Falhorn, who founded the village after clearing all of the giants out of the area. The halflings carried on his way of fighting, involving fast and devastating attacks that fade as quickly as they come. In addition to that, the halflings and gnomes utilize outriders mounted on riding dogs to patrol the outlying farmsteads and keep them safe from harm. Halfling and Gnome Bounders serve as guards for the existing settlements, and keep the halflings safe from harm.

For the most part, the Halflings and Gnomes of Falhorn’s Hollow have stayed out of the wars of the rest of the realm, save for when threats from the North intrude on their lands when they come down to assault Kirkwall. The only time the Halflings have marched to war was during the Last Great Dragon Purge, when the Great Wyrms threatened to burn Falhorn’s Hollow to the ground and slaughter all of the Gnomes and Halflings.

When the Gnomes and Halflings come down to trade, they usually bring Gnomish trinkets and toys, and dogs and other animals trained by halflings.

Falhorns Hollow

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