Kirkwall is the second-oldest Human settlement in the realm, and the first Barony to be recognized by the Kingdom of Amarith. Kirkwall has long stood against the threats from the Vomer Highlands, and the Frozen North, though not always successfully. While Amarith has never been breached by attackers, Kirkwall has been razed to the ground dozens of times over the course of its long and bloody history. Kirkwall has also repelled many would-be invasions from the North, and undoubtedly saved the rest of the kingdom from destruction.

Because of its bloody and storied past, the people of Kirkwall take great pride in their city’s history, and are quick to volunteer to defend the walls if the need arise, and die upon them if necessary. Kirkwall’s people have always fought down to the last man to defend their homeland from encroaching threats, demonstrated most recently during the final days of the dragon purges, when the Great Red Wyrm, Vuzig, burnt the city to the ground, but was felled by the defenders manning siege engines in still burning buildings and fields. Shortly after, Kirkwall was rebuilt in the greatest glory it has ever witnessed, with the Dwarves assisting the rebuilding process.

Kirkwall was named for the great wall it stands behind, which stretches for the entirety of the gap in the Silver Mountains that Kirkwall is built in. The wall’s original architect has been long forgotten, but it is well known that powerful enchantments and wards keep the wall standing where it would normally be impossible for it to do so. That does not mean the wall is in its original form, as it has been rebuilt nearly as many times as Kirkwall itself has.

Lord Thomas of House Kirkmead was the original Baron of the land that is now Kirkwall, and founded the city shortly before his death in the days of old. Lord Parish Kirkmead is currently the Baron of Kirkwall, but is readying himself to retire, while his sons, Thomas and Orrin plot and scheme to garner enough favor to be named his successor.


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