Sorcwyll Forest

The Sorcwyll Forest is an ancient forest, a place where much of it has remained the same for many thousands of years. It is also home to the High Elves of the realm. Many very powerful mages call the forest home, due to the isolationism of the Elves, and because of the many magical secrets the Elves keep hidden from the rest of the world.

Alyanthyr is the only city located in the Sorcwyll Forest, and is inhabited almost solely by Elves. Built in the branches of the great Fal’ohn trees above the great lake Cormanthyr, the Elves take great pride in their natural architecture.

The Elves maintain borderline xenophobic isolation policies, and only allow a select few traders within their borders. Those who intrude upon the forest without foul intentions simply find themselves getting very tired, and wake up on the borders of the great forest. Invaders, and those who wish the forest and its residents harm, only find arrows buried in their skulls.

The only non elves permitted to live within the forest indefinitely are a circle of druids of all races that tend to the forest and keep the trees alive and well, and tend to the animals and all other living things within the forest.

The Elves most frequently honor Corellon Larethian, Pelor, and Oghma, though worship of many other benevolent gods is common

Sorcwyll Forest

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