The Plains of Athenry

The Plains of Athenry make up the central region of the realm, and are home to some of the oldest settlements in the realm, and the oldest human cities, united under the banner of the kingdom of Amarith. The men of the Kingdom of Amarith and the men of the plains are well known for their skill on horseback, and many a tide has been turned due to a timely cavalry charge led by Amarith Knights atop their noble steeds. The horses of the plains are also a well known part of the region, as there are no finer mounts found anywhere, and no horse can push harder or further than the mounts that the men of the plains breed.

The plains are not only home to the Men of Amarith, and the plainsmen, but also several orc tribes. The one thing that sets these orc tribes apart from others in the realm is that these orc tribes occasionally unite, and have no problems doing so, leading to several large and drawn out battles between plainsmen, knights, and orcs, or even all three at times. In addition to orc tribes, the proximity to the silver mountains brings threats from the mountains in the form of more orcs, goblins, bugbears, and occasionally Frost and Fire Giants.

Amarith, Kirkwall, Caer Maerdoc, and Castle Blackwood form the kingdom of Amarith, with the individual baronies bringing their individual strengths to the fight when called upon by the monarch of the time. The kingdoms are home to a few notable Knightly Orders as well, such as The Winged Hussars, The Order of the Mossy Stone, and The White Riders.

Furthermore, the nomadic plainsmen call the region home, and long ago chose to continue the nomadic lifestyle that their ancestors always had, rather than settling down like the men of Amarith did. This has caused some animosity, and even outright war in the past, between the plainsmen and the men of Amarith, but the two sides will set aside their differences when the orcs begin raiding again, and will even come to one another’s aid, if the need is great enough.

The Men of Amarith follow the Forgotten Realms pantheon, and the Plainsmen follow the Celtic pantheon

The Plains of Athenry

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