The Silver Mountains

The Silver Mountains serve as the middle of the realm, separating the rest of the world from the Frozen North and the Vomer Highlands. The Silver Mountains are home to a great number of things, from Frost Giants, Stone Giants, Fire Giants, and Cloud Giants, to tribes of goblins, orcs, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and kobolds, to the dwarves, drow, duergar, svirfneblin, and many unknown horrors that only legends dare to speak of.

The Silver Mountains are not only the home of the dwarves, but the Lannoch river also calls it’s headwaters home underneath the city of Thorfaldür. The Dwarves eventually rerouted the river to flow through the center of Thorfaldür, which then flows on toward Amarith and Alyanthyr, and from there into the oceans, connecting Thorfaldür to Corvos.

Underneath the Silver Mountains are the 5 dwarven cities. Thorfaldur, Thaghrahm, Bharuk Khaznir, Virnturum, and Vihn Bhuldar. The Dwarves and their fortress cities are the only things stopping the horrors underneath the mountains from spilling out into the surface world.

The Silver Mountains were once what the dragons called home in ages past, though it is common knowledge that all but one dragon perished in the Last Great Dragon Purge. The caves that the dragons once called home are believed to be largely intact, though the treasures that assuredly still lie there are guarded by horrors equally dangerous and terrifying, though the mountains themselves often claim treasure seekers before anything else can.

The Dwarves of the Kingdom of Thorfaldur revere Moradin as their creator, though similar gods from other pantheons are just as revered in Dwarven culture.

The Silver Mountains

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