The Southern Downs

The Southern Downs are a region of grassy hills and rocky outcroppings as far as the eyes can see. The Southern Downs contain one major city, Corvos, located on the coastline of the region. The Southern Downs border the Plains of Athenry to the north, and the Sorcwyll Forest to the east. The Lannoch river flows through the hills of the region, fanning out into a delta, forming a border between the Sorcwyll Forest and the Southern Downs.

The Southern Downs are also home to a variety of threats. 9 orc tribes make their home in the region, and constantly raid and pillage the many settlements of the Southern Downs. In addition to Orc tribes, Goblins, Gnolls, Hill Giants, Bugbears, and Ogres also pose as threats to the denizens of the Southern Downs.

The Southern Downs are world renowned for their wineries and vineyards, and Corvani wines can be found throughout the realm. Several large Dwarven ruins dot the landscape of the Southern Downs, however the dwarves maintain no records of the original inhabitants, and the Orcs and other foul denizens that now inhabit the ruins discourage those who wish to discover their secrets.

The people of the Southern Downs most commonly worship the Greyhawk pantheon, though worship of other gods is not uncommon.

The Southern Downs

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